​​Preserving the heritage of square dancing by offering dances to people who would like to learn to square dance!

About Come Square Dance

    Goals of CSD

• To educate the general public about the heritage of square dancing and create public awareness so as to  promote and perpetuate growth and acceptance of the square dance heritage, which includes square, round and folk dancing.

• To conduct or sponsor educational round-table discussions, workshops, seminars, demos, beginner promotional dances, and classes to teach the heritage of square dancing and to provide print and electronic resources.

• To preserve and promote the heritage of square dancing on a non-profit basis.

• To award scholarships to assist in the education of new square dance leaders who can teach the heritage to the public.

• To raise funds by seeking grants, donations, and other forms of monies to execute the mission statement:  Preserving the heritage of square dancing.

• To award grants to individuals or groups who will teach the heritage of square dancing to the general public.

CSD is eligible to receive private foundation and government grants.

​​​​• CSD is eligible to receive private foundation and government grants. 

• CSD is qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts.

• Companies that reward their employees who do volunteer work may direct their rewards to CSD, Inc. 

• CSD can receive direct, financial donations that are tax deductible to individual donors and corporate donors.

• CSD may receive money or goods earmarked for tax-deductible donations. 

• CSD is affiliated with Amazon Smile.  Please select Come Square Dance when you shop on Amazon Smile. 

• CSD provides funds for ABC dances when funds are available.

• CSD provides grants for classes when funds are available. 

• CSD does demos at various events.

• CSD sponsors dances for new dancers or as fundraisers. 

• CSD is not affiliated with Square Dance Minnesota or the Square Dance Federation of Minnesota.

• CSD is affiliated with USDA.

• CSD embraces the national logo and slogan:

​             Live Lively 




          Square Dance