Preserving the heritage of square dancing by offering classes to people who would like to learn to square dance!

"Where is there square dancing in Minnesota?"

"Where can I learn to square dance in Minnesota?"

• Want to host a square dance for beginners? 

• How about a square dance for your family reunion? Your company picnic? Your wedding dance? A neighborhood get together? A church group? 

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Live Lively: mentally, physically, socially

• Square dancing is “an activity that brings all ages together.” 

• Square dancing builds community, gives people the opportunity to make new friends, and exercises both our minds and our bodies. 

• Square dancing is a way of connecting with other people — it is face-to-face connecting--that personal contact which is often missing in today’s digital world.

Why Square Dance?

Modern Square Dancing can impact and enrich your life in many positive ways!

• First, it's fun. The exhilaration of eight people dancing together in quick time for a common purpose is unparalleled. So much in life is serious; Modern Square Dancing is just fun!

• It's sociable. Square dancing involves a social component that independent fitness endeavors do not. Participants are given the opportunity to develop strong social ties that contribute to their self-esteem and a positive outlook. Many people have made life-long friends at square dances.

• It's mentally stimulating. People who start Modern Square Dancing soon realize that it's a "thinking person's activity." The interaction with the caller and the other dancers to complete a movement successfully keeps the mind sharp, focused, and challenged.

• It is an escape from all the worries of the day. Modern Square Dancing is the perfect respite from the anxieties that surround us all. You will find yourself dancing to many different types of popular music, including current rock, jazz, and country & western.

It's good moderate exercise. In one evening of square dancing a person can walk three to five miles, providing the right amount of movement for many people.

• It's non-competitive. Square dancers dance for the excitement of working through the sequences successfully. There are no  "winners/ losers/champions," just people having fun!

• It's inexpensive. The cost of an evening of Modern Square Dancing is less than just about any other form of outside entertainment.

• It's an activity the whole family can enjoy. If you have children old enough to follow instructions (usually 10 or older), they can participate right along with the adults. Some areas have groups specially designed for teen and youth dancers.

If you haven't square danced since you were in school, you haven't seen Modern Square Dancing!

by Eric Henerlau
reprinted from page 8  American Square Dance. October 2013

Reasons to join square dancing: Vitamin F


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